The leading fundraising platform for social impact that empowers organizations & people to raise money and awareness for the causes, communities, and events, which are important to them.


Do I have to be a non-profit to use Littestep?

Littlestep provides fundraising websites to individuals, non-profits, schools, and organizations.
You do not need to be a non-profit organization to raise funds. Even an individual who needs to raise funds for a good cause is welcome to join little step.
You can easily create a campaign page by registering a little step account and start fundraising!
The little step allows you to turn each online donation to your cause into a social donation. That means whenever one of your supporters makes a donation, they can instantly spread the word to their like-minded friends on Facebook. This will help your cause get more exposure, build community, and raise more money.


Do we accept donations outside the country?

Yes, from a donor's perspective, there isn't any difference between domestic and international donations as long as they pay with a major debit, credit card such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or PayPal to a Little Step campaign.
Users can also donate using international bank wire also.


Do you support campaigns from outside the country?

Little step is spreading hands currently we handle causes/campaigns that are located in the US, Canada, Australia, the European Union, and India.
This is because our payment partner can only handle bank accounts based on these countries.
They would also need forms of identification like Social Security number, Driver's License, Employer Identification Number for bank verification.


How are my donations processed?

When you set up a new account with Little Step, you need to give us your PayPal & Bank wire information. to process your collected donations and allows you to manage the disbursement of your funds.
All donations processed on your Littlestep campaign page will be directed to your given account.


How do I contact the campaign owner?

There is an option for you to contact the campaign owner directly. Simply follow these four easy steps:
1. To contact the campaign owner, scroll down the page and look for his/her name, then click on CONTACT.
2. A pop-up box will appear wherein you can type in your name, email address, and the message that you want to send to the campaign owner. Click "Send" and you're good to go.